Mike Boyle

Facilitator  I  Presenter  I  Coach  I  Sales Scientist

Mike's purpose in life is to 'create environments of potential'. There is no better setting in which to practice this mission than the world of sales.

After starting his career as an eager graphic reproducer in the depths of a pre-press house, Mike quickly found his forte and entered into the world of sales. Moving swiftly, the peak of his learning came from working at Xerox and he brings his years of experience at a myriad of organisations into the practices and beliefs at Banjar Group.

Mike's extensive experience has allowed him to connect with sales people from all industries and walks of life across the globe. The common thread in all these interactions is the universal desire of people to 'do better'.

His passionate and energetic personality lends itself to connecting quickly with others and building a relationship of trust in which to share the experiences of the sales game. He thrives on the challenges presented and strives to present solutions and possibilities to achieve successful outcomes.

Mike's practical and educational knowledge have provided a firm foundation for developing programs and presentations ideally suited to today's sales person. His ongoing interest in the world of sales makes him a source of insight and the perfect coach for those lucky enough to be in his 'Sales Rockets' inner sanctum.

With a genuine passion for sales and an enthusiastic personality, Mike is the perfect source of inspiration for sales teams and individuals. Business leaders know to rely on him to 'cut through the crap' and get their sales vision in check! Whether it is a one-on-one interaction or a presentation to an entire sales force, Mike has the ability and drive to make the selling future clear and achievable.


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