Sales Rockets

Banjar Group provides a unique structure that offers exceptional support and guidance to anyone working in sales: SALES ROCKETS.

SALES ROCKETS  is about strategic sales development and business growth as well as building Australia's future sales stars.

The SALES ROCKETS structure is unique, offering exceptional support and guidance. The structure involves a "three heads are better than one" approach. 

1. Your Personal Sales Coach

Find the discipline and motivation to reach your goals. Receive one-on-one time with your mentor, plus constant phone and email support.

2. Quarterly Group Workshops

Your Sales Rockets tribe are your peers, sales professionals who share a commitment to improving performance and confidence. Share the journey, values and experience of this high-performance group.

3. Your Toolbox

Get 24/7 online access to a wealth of tools, techniques, methods and support. This is the professional sales edge you have been looking for.

So which group would be best for you?

Do you lead a sales team that struggles to maintain energy and performance?

Do you sometimes feel you're out of your depth leading and managing sales?

Are you looking for ways to start fixing the holes in sales performance of your team?

If you answer 'yes' then SALES ROCKETS is you you! 

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Are You a Sales Rep wanting to grow yourself and your sales behaviours to the next level?

Are you a Sales Star who wants to lift sales to target, not just budget?

A young Cadet starting the journey on a sales career and want to learn from the best?

If you answer
'yes' then SALES ROCKETS RISING STARS is for you!

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At Sales Rockets, you will be introduced to your tribe: your support network as you are educated in the latest sales and business development tools and methods. You'll work with your tribe on real-life sales challenges to find unique and clever solutions. Professional learning and development opportunities occur at every corner, raising the sales and business skills of all members.

All Sales Rockets Coaching platforms are hosted by MIKE BOYLE from Banjar Group

Mike has walked in your shoes and faced down the sales challenges you take on every day. He now takes his experience as a top sales leader and brings it to the members of his Sales Rockets tribes, as mentor and coach. His enthusiasm and expertise in sales an business development, will help facilitate your sales and leadership success. It's time to stop being ordinary.


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"I like hearing from other people within the group, to learn about the different ways they do things, how they manage their sales team and problems they are encountering. This to me is the most valuable part of the session as well as being able to think about things in a different environment and reassessing what we are doing."
"Time out from the business and structured tools to help organise my thoughts."  "I really like the format of these sessions and the group is a great mix of people from sales and general management."


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Our next Strategy Workshop is on:  Thursday 24th November 2011

Topic for this session: 

'Discover the hidden sweet spots in your business for 2012'

  • Understand future trends that you need to prepare for now as a Business Leader
  • Learn about sweet spots within ares of" People / HR / Profit / Efficiency / Sales / Marketing / Technology / Social Media
  • Discover 3 key Opportunities for 2012
  • Refine your 2012 plans and ensure your opportunities will be implemented

Ask for an invitation to be a guest at the next Sales Rockets session
 and see how the three essential components can transform your confidence and sales approach. Alternatively, arrange a time to chat with Mike about how Sales Rockets can work for you.

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Amanda Aitken - GFA Australia - Melbourne, VIC

Amanda has been ‘powered by Mindshop’ for over 12 months through Mike Boyle’s Sales Rockets platform to boost the effectiveness of Sales Leaders. In the below profile, Amanda discusses the challenges in her role and how she has used the Mindshop resources, as well as her advisor Mike, to grow Sales and her team.

Why did you get involved with Sales Rockets?
In my role as Business and Sales Director I manage the key accounts for the business as well as oversee the sales team. My introduction to Sales Rockets all came about following our yearly strategic planning weekend held with the management team in which we isolated lack of sales growth in sales as one of the key factors holding our business back. As a business we had enjoyed growth on growth for many years but sales in the past 2 years had been constant and we needed to do something about it if we were to take the business forward. We had great strategic plans in place however we were concerned that that our current sales team at the time were not going to be able to achieve the enormous goals we had set for the business. When we asked around for some sales training Mike Boyle was recommended and the first call I made was to him.  We put the sales team through progressive training sessions, started the recruitment process for additional sales people, and put a sales strategy together with a clear sales vision.
The coaching and mentoring part of the Sales Rockets program has been a great support for me on a personal level. I am always looking for a better way to lead our team and find learning from other people’s experiences invaluable. I look forward to being able to take new ideas and sales disciplines away from each of my Sales Rockets sessions.

See full article here: Meet a Member Amanda Aitken  

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